Medicine the way it used to be.

Why Direct Care ?

Medicine has become more of a chore than I ever expected.  I want to take care of people and help them be their best, but now I spend more time on the computer or filling out paperwork than I do with patients.  Almost everything I do is to satisfy an insurance company that knows nothing about my patient and only cares about the bottom line.  

We, as Americans, have been spoiled into thinking that insurance should cover everything, when in reality, insurance should be for the major things. Just like car insurance covers big expenses, we don't expect it to pay for new tires, oil changes, etc.  So, medical insurance should be for the more extensive care. That is why I am bringing Direct Primary Care to Jarrell and the surrounding communities.  Direct Primary Care takes the insurance out of the picture and lets the patient and doctor decide what is best. 

What Is Direct Care ?

Direct Care is an arrangement where patients and their doctor contract for agreed services for a low monthly payment.   Because this practice limits the number of patients to 600-700 compared to 2500-3000, the doctor has more time to spend with patients and can provide higher quality, more personalized care.  No insurance is accepted so the overhead costs are much lower.  The monthly fee pays the doctor and minimal staff plus rent and utilities.  Insurance will not dictate what care is provided.  This does not mean you don't need insurance because you do--for specialty care, hospitalizations, etc.  Having a health savings plan can also help you save for those payments.    

This type of practice fosters the physician-patient relationship which is the cornerstone of medicine.  Through this relationship, patients can work with their physician to meet their healthcare goals.  This is the physician who knows your story.  This physician  works for you.